Who I am

Gret is a Wellbeing Consultant, certified Low Tox Coach, 200RYT Yoga Instructor and Meditation facilitator.

Gret has had a successful career as a senior fashion industry executive, spanning the past 20 years. During that time, she developed daily rituals to alleviate stress and maintain balance incorporating the practices of yoga and meditation with a sustainable lifestyle – thinking both of her personal wellbeing and that of the planet. Over time, these practices and rituals became the foundation for her philosophy on Conscious Living.

Following 6 years at Michael Kors EMEA, where Gret was Vice President and sat on the Executive Team, she took a role with an American sustainable lifestyle brand to lead the European launch. Gret recognised that the workplace can be a force for positive change and began to she set out mindful programmes for businesses.

Gret’s experience as a corporate executive has given her a unique set of insights in how to skillfully manage the challenges of high stress environments and the rigors of modern life. She provides intuitive advice and simple recommendations that engage leaders and employees, improve productivity and the company’s performance.

Her mission is to establish wellbeing as fundamental to doing good business.

Conscious Working

We recognise the workplace can be a force for positive change.

As businesses continue to work remotely, our Wellbeing at Work programmes address the current challenges of the working environment with a focus on employee purpose and performance.

We work with businesses of all sizes across different sectors. We raise awareness, create connections and enable more confident communication.

By empowering employees to be the directors of their own health and wellbeing, we embed positive cultural shifts and shape employee behaviours to drive commercial returns.

Practices for modern Life

Conscious Coaching Yoga Meditation

Gret partners with individuals to create bespoke programmes that enhance personal wellbeing and reduce impact in the world.  She links ancient wisdom with modern interpretations to support mind, body and planet.


Contemplate. Connect. Change.

We all have an impact in life – on people, planet and society. Gret believes we can actively choose to generate a positive impact by being curious and contemplating our purpose.

Through contemplation, we have the opportunity to create change within our sphere of influence, which sends out ripples to society. Ultimately, this improves the impact of our collective well-being on the planet.

It all begins with choices and commitment. By choosing to take a moment of ‘me time’, educating ourselves and connecting within, as well as with our communities, we see the impact of our behaviour and make more conscious decisions.

Using ancient practices of yoga and meditation as the backbone of her methodology, Gret has identified key areas for personal development around emotional balance, physical movement, whole food nutrition and a sustainable lifestyle. Loosely woven together to form a more conscious approach, these elements also distil into a purer sense of self and purpose, making life and its challenges more rewarding – at home, work and at play.

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