Practices for modern life

Gret has formulated a series of accessible concepts that link ancient wisdom with modern interpretations.  She develops programmes for individuals and businesses that support the mind and body in the pursuit of work-life integration.  

Conscious Consulting

Drawing experience and reference from her time as an executive, Gret is well-qualified in understanding the demands of corporate life.  Her Wellbeing Programmes address work pressures to ensure individuals and teams can de-stress, repurpose and perform better. She works closely with each business to identify the appropriate mix of practices to support team wellness, with a focus on connection especially when we are often working remotely.

Gret also advises on strategy, business development and sustainability across sectors.

Gret offers

  • Bespoke Wellbeing Programmes for Teams and Employees
  • Strategic Advisory
Gret's unique wellbeing programme allows the team to (virtually) get together outside the working day to talk about gratitude, worries and the ups and downs of life – it’s a safe environment to share and support each other. The team benefit from a better state of mind, and as founder, I've noted a positive, productive and creative response, which makes us all more effective.
Zoe Kuipers, Founder, Zoe Communications

Conscious Coaching

Gret has developed her own steps to live more consciously. As a Low Tox Coach, she partners with her clients to understand how they live, make decisions, spend money and time. She then curates an accessible and easy to implement programme based on their individual needs.

Gret offers

  • Consultation and Plan


Gret practices Power Vinyasa with a focus on strong flows. As a teacher, she continues her journey, discovering new ways to learn, evolve and enjoy the yogic experience, together with her students. She is a firm believer that the physical and mental realms intersect in practice and looks to explore how flows can give way to harmony both on and off the mat. Her classes challenge the physical self and unlock new spaces to investigate the connection between mind and body. Her hope is that students embrace this sense of balance and quietly weave it into everyday life, to de-stress and find peace in a busy world.

Gret offers

  • Private sessions
  • Group classes (in person and online)
Gret's one-to-one teaching has been a revelation. Right from the start I made meaningful progress - and I look forward to the class each week. Because I'm a novice she makes sure I understand the concepts as well as the movements. Gret's classes are fun, challenging and informative. I'm delighted to recommend her to anyone.
Jules Heynes, Beginner Yogi


Gret practices Vedic meditation and has experienced first hand the power of transcendental techniques to transform life, create more clarity and awaken the inner-Self. She has been building a meditation community and blends mindfulness with transcendental meditations.

Gret offers

  • Private sessions
  • Guided Group Circles
Gret’s meditation sessions have been refreshing and uplifting. I’ve really enjoyed the techniques, learning and energy I’ve gained from each class and feel more focussed and balanced.
Monique Walcott, Meditator